Smoked miso oyster bao  G/P/S/E            11
2pcs. Oyster mushrooms marinated and grilled in a meet smoky miso barbeque sauce served together with meet sesame & dill pickled cucumbers, roasted peanuts and pickled onion. All nicely wrapped up in a steamed bao bun.

BBQ Corn ribs    P/S/M/C              10
4pcs. Fried fresh corn pieces rolled in meet special BBQ rub served with the base of cilantro jalapeno sauce and an extra touch of roasted peanuts.

Sea tomato tartare  S/E/M/F            11
Tomatoes marinated in a special meet sea-style marinade and covered with a spicy lime mayo. Paired with avocado, sushi rice, sesame, scallions and tortilla chips.

Kani salad  G/S/E/M/F            11
Marinated jackfruit mixed together with fine slices of carrot, cucumber and mango. Dressed in a meet spicy lime mayo and topped off with avocado, sesame and panko breadcrumbs. 

Gochujang yuzu cauliflower wings  G/S/E            10
Fried cauliflower in a crispy meet batter covered in our gochujang and yuzu sweet chili sauce, topped off with sesame seeds and spring onion. Served together with meet sesame & dill pickled cucumber. 
   - Included dip of choice.

Garlic and 'Parm' cauliflower wings  G     10
Fried cauliflower in a crispy batter covered with a special meet buttery garlic & ''parmesan'' rub.
   - Included dip of choice.  


Meet sandwich    G/P/S/E/M                   16
The signature. Crispy tofu broiled in a meet chili sauce full of umami flavor accompanied by sundried tomatoes, cucumber, spinach and kimchi mayo. Layered and built up in a fresh warm bread. Spicy!

Wine braised tempeh bab  G/S/M/F        18
Meet wine braised tempeh with barbeque glaze, cut fries, pickles, garlic mayo and greens served on a soft tortilla. 

The holy burger  G/S/E/M      22
Camembert style crunchy meet 'cheese' patty and oyster mushroom 'duck' topped with 'bacon' and layered with truffle mayo, pineapple cranberry chipotle sweet chili, canonigos, onion and pickles in a toasted brioche bun. Served with potato wedges. 
   - Included dip of choice.

Crunchy meet burger     G/M           19
Crunchy fried brioche bun, Beyond Meat patty brushed with barbeque and garlic "parmesan" sauce, smoked paprika mayo, fresh salad, tomato, pickles, red onion and burned meet "cheese" sauce. Served with potato wedges. Proper big dirty burger!
   - Included dip of choice.
   - Bun: Toasted brioche or Deep-fried crunchy brioche

Loaded nachos  S/M       19
Salted nachos with in-between layers of barbeque marinated soy mince, meet-style pico de gallo, smoked paprika mayo, guacamole and grilled melted "cheese".

Truffle edamame dumplings  G/P/S/E       17
7pcs. Fresh dumpling wrappers stuffed with salty truffle edamame paste. Steamed and drizzled with meet chili oil and spring onion. 


Potato wedges      4
- Included dip of choice. 

Sweet potato fries        5
- Included dip of choice. 

Crispy Fried avocado dipers         8
5pcs. Mashed avocado with spices rolled in corn crumbs and fried until golden brown.
   - Included dip of choice. 

Fried crispy olives   G         6
Fried green olives in breadcrumbs. Served with lemon zest, pinch of salt and fresh parsley.
   - Included dip of choice. 


Baked lotus cheesecake    G/N/S            7
Buttery and crunchy lotus cookie base layered with cream "cheese" topped off with lotus spread and lotus cookie. 

Amore brownie   G/E     8
House made brownie served with tahini, raspberry puree and strawberry che*secake ice cream.

Fresh mochi pistachio affogato bowl  G/N/E   8
Fresh house made black sesame and lotus mochis served with roasted pistachio ice cream, walnuts and coconut milk espresso. 


Meet chili dip    P/S/E               2
            - Packed with complex umami flavor. Very spicy, garlicy and savory. Inspired by Asian cuisine.

Cilantro jalapeno sauce    S/M           2

Kimchi mayo   S/M            2

Garlic mayo    M              2

Truffle mayo    M             2

Smoked paprika mayo     M           2

Wasabi lime mayo    M           2


*We have Gluten free options - ask for availability

Allergens:         N - Nuts         /         P - Peanuts         /         S - Soy         /         E - Sesame         /         

G - Gluten         /              M - Mustard               /              F - Sulphites           /             C - Celery

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